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3380. Mrs Jasmine Thompson - Nursing – Vasundhara Shankar – Right Total Shoulder Replacement


Ms Nita Roberts

In Home nursing service

79 beachside street


Dear Ms Roberts,

Re: Mrs Jasmine Thompson,aged 76

Thanks for accepting Mrs Jasmine Thompson, who has been recuperating from right total shoulder replacement she requires ongoing monitoring and care following her discharge into your facility.

Mrs Thompson has a long history of right shoulder osteoarthritis which affected her mobility and daily activities. Therefore,on 11 July 2008 she underwent abovementioned surgery which was uneventful. Postoperatively she was commenced on physiotherapy and her wound was clean and dry, currently.

On subsequent days,having made a good progress she was scheduled a period of one month whilst hospitalization,(Mrs Thompson has been on oral analgesia with Cryo cuff for 4 hours daily in addition,she was educated regarding importance of exercises.

Upon discharge,she was advised to refrain from lifting while her arm remains sling for 4 weeks. Encourage her to visit outpoint department for physiotherapy 2 weeks and hydrotherapy for one week. May I remind she has a follow-up appointment after 10 days for staples removal. Along with that assist her in daily living and administration of clexane injection subuteneusly for 4 days as DVR prophylaxis.

Hereby, I have enclosed Mrs Thompson's pertinent medical records your perusal.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

3. Vasundhara Shankar - Jasmine Thompson


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