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QQ 1078. Mr. Brett Collister - Letter - Rashid Al Hassan

Updated: Aug 2, 2021


Dr. Grantley Cross

Community Endocrinologist

City Hospital

Suite 33, 55 Main Road


24 February 2018

Dear Dr. Cross

Re: Mr.Brett Collister, aged 45

I am referring Mr. Collister whose signs and symptoms are consistent with type-2 diabetics, for further evaluation and appropriate treatment.

On 4 February, Mr. Collister was presented with the complaints of fatigability, lethargia, eyes dryness along with dizziness spells. Additionally , sedentary behaviour poor health diet and low physical activities were reported. Clinical examination a part of high BMI 28.4 , was unremarkable subsequently, blood tests were ordered.

Today, in addition to the previous symptoms, Mr. Collister was experienced vision impairment. Clinical assessment was normal , except the basal metabolic rate was increased. Pathological report revealed elevation in both fasting and random glucose level 13.5 and 7.4 mm respectively increased glycosylated haemoglobin 8.5 , hypercholoestrolmia and dyslipidimea. Accordingly, the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus was confirmed.

Regarding medical history, Mr. Collister was diagnosed rotorculf tear , for which ibuprofenwas commenced, RICE protocol was advised and physiotherapy programme was recommended. Two months letter, he was developed right knee arthritis, thus weight reduction was instructed, maximised physical activities was implemented and followup visit was scheduled.

Based on the above mentioned clinical features, your expert management regarding Mr. Collister hhyperglycemia, would be extremely beneficial.

Incase you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely ,



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