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QQ 1050. Alicia Nesbit - Letter - Lalitha Parameshwaran

Updated: Jul 29, 2021



Senior Midwide

Community Midbildery Team

Saltown Masteural and child health Centre.

28 April 2016

Re: Alicia Nesbit ,aged 6 days

I am refering Alicia Nesblit, who has been diagnosed with low birth weight and opiaid dependance requires follow up care and management following her discharge today.

Alicia was born 6 days ago in the hospital, her mother Gemma poole who has been heroin dependent and sex worker. At birth her weight was 2.0kg . She has been ariatic bottle feading and poor appetite. Mother and baby bonding was very poor . Gemma often needs prompting to care for baby. Alicia and her mother completed heroin withelowed therapy successfully. After the social services has been involved, she is authorized to live with her maternal grand mother. However, her weight was increased to 2.3. ky during discharge.

Diemma Poole 20 years old mother, heroin dependent since 2 years. She is single, worked as sex worker. She is live with her mother at maternal grandfather's house.

Your willingness to provide daily visit untill Alicin weight and funshing were stable. It is important to mentor mother's coping and psycosocial states. Kindly note, Alicia mother and grandmother requires education regarding infant care. Please ensure code environment and update social worker if any risks would be profoundly beneficial to Alicia. Communication with drug and alcohol team to provide integrated Support for ms Gemma to reduce the risk of heroin use is strongly recommend.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further queries.

Yours faithfully

Registered midwife

maternity ward

Smint Daphne Maternity Hospital.


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