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QQ 1041. Mr. Robinson - Letter - Sangita Devi

Updated: Jul 29, 2021



Mr Robinson

Northway street



15 July 2019

Dear My Robinson

Sub: Home Care management for Ryan Robinson

I am updating the current health status of Ryan Robinson, who has been treated with bilateral conjunctivities. He requiries, proper home care management following his discharge.

Ryan was presented to hospital with the complaints of four left eye redness, itchy and watery dischcage. On examination, he has cedematous eyelids and difficulty reading. Hence, admitted to isolation ward. Subsequently, commenced on cefataxim , acetaminophen and eye drop floxacin applied. Next day watery discharge and fever were observed to be lesson and injection changed to tablet. However, after a couple of days his condition worsened within eyes, and febrile which was monaged with tapid sponge and paracetamal. Blood test revealed ESR 85mm and increased total blood count.

Based on the above mentioned circumstances, Ryon requires, to be isolated from other siblings. Avoiding, the sharing of personal things is highly recommended. He has to be away the fram exposure to dust, pels and sunlight. Encouraging to avoid his eyes from strenous activity would be profundly benefecial. Kindly note, he has an appointment of opthalmologist consultation at st. spint hospital

If your require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Registration Nurse

Alphonsa hospitals




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