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1023. Mr. Ramamurthy - Letter - Jessy Bell John

Updated: Jul 29, 2021



Ms Georgine Ponsford Resident Community Nurse

Community Retirement Home

103 Light Street.

New town.

11 February 2019

Dear Ms Pansford

Re: Mr Ramamurthy aged 63.

I am updating the current, health status of Mr Ramamurthy who was adimitted with preumonicia requires your in incessant Cate and assistance.

On 4 February 2019, Mr Ramamurthy was admitted with preumonia accompanized with acute shortness of breath inspirational and expirational wheezing Persistent cough; causing chest and abdominal pain, fever, rigors, insomnia aenera listed achz

mobility impaired and aided with pickup frame . shortness of breath on exertion observed with mobility even short distances. Activites of daily living needs assistance.

Complimentary progress noticed in flanmatory markers are back to normal, afebrile, ambulates store but inde pendently also self reliantly does activities of daily pendently, an living.

Oral fluids and proper nutrition was encouraged. Pirkorbait according to physio, encouraged chest -physio consisting of deep breathing and coughing exercises, postural drainage. exhanced by sitting position.

Recommended panacetamol for chest or abdominal, pain if necessary, instructed to keep warm and good autrition with increased fluid intake. eggs, buits and vegetables adviced.

Based on aforementioned circumstances, Mr Ramamurthy requires assistance in monitoring his sick and care. Do contact me. in case of any queries.

Yours sincerly,

Charge Nurse

Medical ward.

Newtown Public Hospital 41 Main Street

New town.


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