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002. Prabhjeet - Shannon Warne


Su Yin Lee

Sister in charge

Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre

695 Hampstead Road

Green acres 5029

14 June 2007

Dear Yin Lee

Re: Mr Shannon Warne, aged 23

Mr Shannon Warne, who was diagnosed with broken neck and fractured pelvis, whiplash and suggested permanent neurological damage. He is being transferred at your facility. He requires monitoring and ongoing care for daily living activities and physiotherapy.

During hospitalisation, excellent progress was reported, but in certain situations high level care is imperative. A fortnight ago, ambulation was initiated with the aid of wheelchair. Initially, sores were noticed, however improvement has been observed with increased mobility. Tablet Nurofen 200 g maximum six hourly daily is commenced for frequent headaches.

Mr Warne is single, third year university student. Previously, he was residing in a flat, but for now long term rehabilitation is required. Parents will be responsible for continuing care after returning home. Eligibility pension is advised for disability.

Therefore, encouragement regarding recreational activities is necessary to promote mental well-being. Establishment of contact with the people of his own age is recommended. For continuing education externally, university approval is suggested, as Mr Warne is interested in online studies. No special dietary restrictions have been imposed. Range of motion exercises for the neck and the shoulders have been advised on regular basis under expert assistance.

Based on the aforementioned circumstances, your expert assistance and supportive management of Mr Warne’s health condition would be profoundly beneficial. In case any additional information is required, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely




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